10 of the Best Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Gift Ideas (2024)

Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples looking to celebrate their love for each other, which is why we’ve put together some fantastic Valentine’s food and drink gift ideas to buy for your special someone or other half. Whether you’re married, engaged, civil partners, have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or you’re looking to make an official statement on your relationship, we’ve got a wide range of Valentine’s Day themed gift hampers and gift baskets with a wide range of chocolates, sweet treats, champagne and even flower bouquet gift sets which you can buy online and get delivered free to your special someone this 14th February.

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So if you’re looking for sweet gift hampers, or prefer something a bit more savoury with our food hampers or wine gift baskets, we can help you get the perfect present or gift set this Valentine’s Day. Just check below to see what you can get as a present for the big day itself, as we’ve got a wide range of fantastic offerings available.

Valentine’s Day Food Gifts for Her

First up on our list of Valentine’s Day food gifts list for her is our Night In for Her Hamper, which features a range of amazing sweet treats for her. A bottle of premium Prosecco is bundled with an indulgent tower collection of Monty Bojangles chocolate truffles, giving the special lady in your life a great confectionery present on the celebratory day itself.

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Or if she prefers something sweet other than truffles, we also have our Prosecco Sharing Hamper which contains two bottles of Prosecco and other sweet goods such as chocolates and fudge among other goodies for her as a great present for Valentine’s Day.If none of the above appeal to you as a gift for her, why not check out the rest of our Valentines Hampers for Her section and see what you can get as a great present for her? We’re likely to have what you’re looking for as a gift for her as part of the celebrations of Valentine’s Day, including food gifts, alcoholic drinks and other carefully chosen treats, all of which are designed to help her really enjoy Valentine’s Day and have a special day.

Valentine’s Day Food Gifts for Him

For that special man in your life, we offer some great treats and presents which would be ideal as a valentine’s day food and drink gift for him for Valentine’s Day. We can heartily recommend our Big Boys Craft Lager Hamper as a fantastic present for him. A selection of New Yorker craft lagers are combined with snacks such as salted caramel popcorn, peanut butter honeycomb and more gifts make up this gift hamper which makes a great gift set for him on the big day itself.

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Or if he prefers something with a bit of heat as well as enjoying his beer still, our Hot’n’Spicy Beer Hamper is a solid choice to get him. With two Cobra Beers, chilli crisps and relish, spicy nuts and more snacks included in this hamper, this will make a great gift for a boyfriend or husband who loves a bit of spicy stuff on Valentine’s Day.But should none of the above really excite you, why not check out the rest of our Valentines Hampers for Him section and see what you can get there? With a range of luxury gift hampers and present sets available, including ones packed with delicious food and drink goodies and the sweeter things in life, you’ll be sure to be able to find a more suitable present if none of the above are really appealing to you.

Valentine’s Sweet & Chocolate Gifts

Looking for Valentine’s sweet and chocolate gifts for the sweetest person in your life? Our Sweet Treats for Her hamper will make a stunning gift on the day. With a delicious selection of highly edible chocolate truffles, flapjacks, honeycomb, shortbread and other goodies, this hamper will make a great afternoon tea treat for her on Valentine’s Day itself.

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But if you’re looking for something for the chocoholic fiend in your life who absolutely cannot get enough chocolate, our Chocolate Adventure Hamper is simply a stunning choice to make. With chocolate everything in this hamper, including hot chocolate melting block, honeycomb dips, chocolate biscuits, chocolate toffee popcorn and more chocolatey goodies, there’s a massive range of sweet stuff here to keep even the biggest chocoholic satisfied. The ideal Valentine’s Day gift for men and women alike.Luxury Chocolate Truffles are also a great gift set on Valentine’s Day for the person who loves their sweets. With a range of decadent truffles available in luxury packaging, this is amazing for spoiling someone on the big day itself.If you’re looking for other sweet-based hampers, we have a range of Valentines chocolate hampers and sweets hampers available so you can get the perfect present for someone with a sweet tooth, whether they enjoy the finer things in life with luxury chocolates, or love their retro sweets.

Valentine’s Food and Wine Gift Baskets

Does your special someone prefer more savoury treats rather than sweet? If so, we have a range of food and drink gift ideas ideal for male and female gift recipients this Valentine’s Day, including which is a great gift to get them for a celebratory touch, thanks to its traditional fare and luxury touches, such as a fine Merlot red wine and a sparkling Prosecco as well as award-winning cheeses and more. So if you know your partner loves their food and loves all the gourmet edibles, this is the gift basket to get for them.10 of the Best Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Gift Ideas (5)The Gourmet Cheese and Wine Selection is also an amazing choice to get for the food lover in your life. With a full bodied Rioja red wine combined with a delicious selection of sumptuous goodies such as award-winning cheese, smooth chocolate truffles, gourmet cookies and more, this is a great gift set to get for your food-loving partner.An Alcohol Free Hamper is a suitable choice for the special person who doesn’t like to drink. Filled with a range of gourmet food and drink, such as ginger beer, luxury popcorn, dark chocolate gingers, vanilla fudge and more savoury snacks, all carefully curated to ensure that you get the ideal present for your partner on Valentine’s Day.If you want a different food hamper or something else, why not explore the rest of our Valentines Food Hampers range? With a range of the finest cheeses, fruit, smoked meats, teas, wines and more, there’s something in our range for everyone on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts

As an addition to the Valentine’s Day food gift ideas above, why not complete the present by getting the lucky girlfriend or boyfriend flowers the timeless Valentine’s Day gift as well? We also stock a range of floral gift sets and presents, such as our gift set which contains long-stemmed freedom roses with gyp and mixed foliage for a traditional Valentine’s gift, or if you prefer something slightly less traditional, our Love Me present contains 20 red tulips and 3 red freedom roses for a vibrantly romantic gift for the big day itself. View our full range of Valentine’s Day Flower gifts to find a floral gift to send that special someone this Valentines Day.

Personalised Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Gifts

Can’t decide on what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day? We also offer the opportunity to Create Your Own Hamper to get the perfect present on the big day itself. With the ability to add whatever food or drink you like into it, from champagne and other alcohol to delicious foods including chocolate, sweets, or savoury treats, you can get them the best gift box for Valentine’s Day that suits them perfectly.

Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Gifts Delivered in the UK

All of our Valentine’s Day hampers are available to buy online and come with free next day delivery or named day deliveries within the UK. So if you’re wanting to get a gift for a friend, a relative, or a co-worker or for that special someone in your life, we can make sure that you make their day special with a sweet hamper or a food hamper if that’s what you’re preferring to get.We offer options of either next day delivery, or named day delivery, so if you need a gift box for a particular day, such as on the big day itself or the day before or after Valentine’s Day if that’s when you can see that special someone, we can cater for your needs and make sure that any of our Valentine’s hampers you may order get there in time for the big event.

Valentine’s Day Food Gifts for International Delivery

If you’re looking to send Valentine’s Day gift sets overseas, such as for a partner who lives overseas, we can help you. We also offer delivery abroad to many locations overseas with one of our international hampers, so you can be confident that you are able to send the ideal Valentine’s present to someone who might be living outside of the UK. Our international hampers can be sent as a Valentine’s gift to people living in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and many other countries, so if you’re looking to send Valentine’s hampers abroad, we can help you.

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10 of the Best Valentine’s Day Food & Drink Gift Ideas (2024)


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