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Ready-to-fruit mushroom grow kits are an easy, fun way to put heaping harvests of mushrooms on the table while learning firsthand about the wild world of mushroom growth.

First time growing gourmet mushrooms? Don’t worry! Ready-to-fruit kits make the process a walk in the park. What’s more, essentially any home is suitable for effective mushroom cultivation. This kit includes a 5+ lb fully myceliated sawdust block, detailed growing instructions, and a small H2O mist bottle.

From the start of the growing process, mushrooms usually are ready for harvest in 10 to 14 days. Total yields can be expected been 1.5 and 4lb (over multiple flushes), depending on growing conditions.

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Available species:

Golden Oyster

The golden oyster mushroom (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) is a spectacularly tasty specialty cultivar with a distinct sweet, nutty flavor and rich aroma. Their comparatively mild flavor, by comparison with the highly meaty blue oysters, makes goldens an excellent choice for first-time gourmet mushroom eaters. This stunning bright yellow strain was derived from specimens in Eurasia, where it is a prized foraged fungus. Sautéed goldens are an unparalleled centerpiece in Alfredo pastas and risottos, though they also thrive as the main course, pan-seared in butter or oil! High in antioxidants, protein, and B vitamins, these mushies are good for the body as well as the taste buds! Golden oysters are an adaptable grower but fruit best in comparatively warm-weather conditions. They have a shorter shelf life, meaning they are best eaten within a few days after harvest.
Golden oysters grow best in an environment between 65 and 80

Blue Oyster

The blue oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) is a classic culinary staple beloved by many chefs for its intense meaty flavor. Resilient, productive, and forgiving of a relatively wide range of growing conditions, this particular strain produces large, stunning mushroom clusters the depth of whose vivid blue color scales inversely with temperature. Common across much of the temperate globe, including on our own Cumberland Plateau, where hardy specimens often can be found temporarily frozen solid during the winter months, white to tan oyster mushrooms of the same species grow saprophytically (on dead and dying trees), particularly in relation to hardwoods like oak and poplar. High in protein, vitamin C, niacin, and potassium, oyster mushrooms are healthy as well as profoundly flavorful. Fascinating, adaptable, and reliable, the blue oyster mushroom is a staple constituent of the mushroom cultivator’s toolkit.
Blue oysters grow best in an environment between 55 and 75

Lion’s Mane

The lion's mane mushroom is an iconic toothed fungus that occurs naturally across much of North America. Its long, drooping spines are a unique feature of this mushroom. A spectacular seafood substitute that evokes the flavor and texture of crab meat, this otherworldly mushroom currently is the subject of extensive mycological investigation for its potentially neuroregenerative compounds; indeed, early studies suggest that several of its constituent compounds, particularly the “hericenones,” may help counteract age-related memory decline. Sometimes referred to as the bearded tooth mushroom, satyr's beard, or pom pom mushroom, lion’s mane has an extremely rich umami flavor with subtly sweet undertones. What’s more, its fresh, earthy smell can’t help but transport one’s imagination into a lush old-growth forest! Weird and wonderful, lion’s mane is a joy to watch grow (and to eat!).
Lion’s mane grows best in an environment between 55 and 75.

Pink Oyster

Vibrant and delicious, the pink oyster mushroom (Pleurotus djamor) is among the fastest-growing species in any cultivator’s fruiting room! Pink oysters are somewhat milder in flavor than Pleurotus ostreatus species such the blue oyster, making them an excellent starting place for hesitant mushroom eaters. Their firm, chewy caps add lovely flavor and texture to alfredo pasta, risottos, and stir fry. This striking warm-mushroom is endemic to the American pan-tropics; can you imagine stumbling across a cluster of these beauties during a walk in the woods? Thankfully for cultivators, pink oyster mycelium is tenacious without match, happily colonizing a wide range of substrates, and wastes no time doing so!
Pink oysters grow best in an environment between 65 and 80.

Classic Oyster

It’s hard to go wrong with a tried-and-true classic! Ye olde oyster mushroom is a reliable crowd-pleaser with quick pin formation, generous cluster size, and tolerance for a relatively wide variety of environmental conditions. What’s more, its savory, meaty caps take on an exceptional umami flavor when pan-seared to a brown finish. Classic!
Classic oysters grow best in an environment between 55 and 75.

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Indoor Mushroom Grow Kits — Midway Mushrooms (2024)


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