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Sweet treats like cakes are said to boost happiness. So, this Valentine’s Day, treat your loved one with a grand dose of joy and merriment by getting the best Valentine’s Day cake. After all, a celebration is incomplete without a delicious cake, right? Surprising your partner with a Valentine’s Day theme cake will certainly heighten the romance factor in your love life. The irresistible flavors, types, and designs of Valentine's cakes will boost the spirit of celebration & make it memorable. At Winni, you can take a look at the best Valentine’s Day cake designs and order them directly at your home. Our professional bakers make sure to meet your expectations of a pretty, soft, creamy, and fresh cake. Moreover, our prompt delivery service will hand over the taste of heaven at your doorstep in the best condition and in no time.

February: The Season Of Love

  • Rose Day

    The first day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Rose Day. People celebrate the day by gifting roses to their special ones.
  • Propose Day

    The second day is Propose Day which is celebrated on 8th February. It is the perfect day to propose to the person whom you love from the core of your heart and pamper them with cake, gifts, flowers, and many more.
  • Chocolate Day

    9th February is the day of satiating the sweet tooth of loved ones. A gift of chocolates boosts the beauty in a relationship and casts sweetness in the relationship.
  • Teddy Day

    After some delicious sweets, now it’s time to gift cute teddy bears. Teddies are the epitome of ultimate cuteness and their adorable cuddly hug can easily spread its magic in a relationship.
  • Promise Day

    11 February is the day of making promises. Trust and promise are the most important steps to keep a relationship healthy going. Fulfilling promises makes a relationship stronger.
  • Hug Day

    It is a precious day to showcase the eternal love towards your partner with a mild and tight hug. Hug Day is the day of expressing love, protection, and care towards your partner.
  • Kiss Day

    A kiss is exchanged between couples which is considered as the purest form of love. Kiss Day is the golden opportunity to express love with cute gestures.
  • Valentine’s Day:

    Finally, on 14th February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated. It is the most romantic and big day that holds a lot of importance in a couple’s life. It is the day that no one can let it go without expressing undying love for their special one.

Order Valentine's Day Special Cake

February 14 always brings goosebumps to all lovers as it’s a big day of celebrating the most enduring feeling called “Love.” It's a very generic term that is relative to different emotions ranging from affection to attention, and attraction to a strong interpersonal attachment. The charm of Valentine's Day is incomparable, that may be the reason why it is considered the perfect day to speak out your heartiest feelings of love toward your special one. However, sometimes it is difficult to speak what you feel. That’s where a special Valentine’s Day cake gives more power to you. Cakes speakers the unspoken. You can write “I love you”, “Will you be my Valentine?”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, or your heartiest feeling over a delectable cake and surprise your loved one. This way, a Happy Valentine’s Day cake becomes a canvas of your heart.

Send Happy Valentine's Day Cake

There is nothing more kind than sending sweet Valentine's cakes to remind your special someone of the joys and tears you have shared with them. If you are in a long-distance relationship or unable to meet up this February 14, send a Happy Valentine’s Day cake online to your loved one. The process is super convenient. You just have to take a look at our Valentine’s Day cake images and make the right choice for your partner. At Winni, you can get a tempting Valentine’s Day cake for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife. This surprise of yours is sure to win the hearts of those sitting miles away. After all, who doesn’t love surprises?

Valentine's Day Cake Ideas

Winni is a trustworthy cake, flowers, and gifts portal where your choices & preferences are taken as a priority. Because buying the same cakes on every occasion is a little unexciting, so we offer a line of cakes in different flavors, designs, and types. This year, we bring you our delightful Happy Valentine cakes assortment full of new cake masterpieces that will surely excite anyone with their taste and bring a wave of happiness to your celebration.

Valentine's Day Cake Design

Our skilled bakers at Winni’s can create any masterpiece you could imagine. Be it a pinata cake, 2-tier cake, 3-tier cake, photo cake, or so on. Sticking to the season of love, here are some most loved Valentine’s Day cake design

  • Heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Cake

    Heart-shaped cakes are the most popular cake designs for the occasion. Couples celebrate their love with a heart cake that is usually in red velvet flavor. After all, a heart in red color is a symbol of love.
  • Valentine’s Day Photo Cake

    Another popular Valentine’s Day cake design is a photo cake. You can have your ‘couple goals’ moment imprinted over a cake and celebrate the memories on the day.
  • Valentine's Day Mirror Glaze Cake

    A mirror glaze cake is shiny, reflective, smooth, and glossy, known for its vibrant colors and striking appearance. This makes it a popular choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine’s Day Bomb Cake

    Add an element of surprise to the typical cake-cutting ritual by getting a bomb cake. It looks like a bomb but when you lit up, it explodes sweet and creamy flavors of a delectable cake.
  • Mini Cake for Valentine's Day

    If you both do not have a sweet tooth but still want to add a taste of sweetness, a mini cake for Valentine’s Day is the best option. The cake provides the same extraordinary taste in your preferred size. You can ask for a 200gm cake or 250gm cake.

Valentine's Day Cake Flavors

As you might have guessed, you can order any cake design in your favorite flavor. All of these are rich in taste and thick in consistency so your celebrations remain the best.

  • Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

    A chocolate cake has multiple flavors in itself. Be it chocolate fudge, black forest, chocolate truffle, choco-vanilla, or choco-strawberry, getting them in a heart-shaped cake is a way to uplift your Valentine’s Day.
  • Valentine's Day Special Red Velvet Cake

    Red velvet Valentine’s Day cake is the most popular choice. Its luxury taste, sophisticated appearance, and appealing red hues perfectly fit in the celebration of love.
  • Valentine's Day Rose Cake

    Rose is the epitome of love and the first thing to begin Valentine’s week. So, go for a rose cake made with strawberry flavor or vanilla-strawberry flavor and savor your Valentine’s Day celebration.
  • Rainbow Cake

    This year, we have also brought you a cake inspired by the seven colors of the rainbow. If you are looking for a medium to surprise your special someone, then rainbow Valentine's cakes are the best choice.
  • Valentine Choco-Vanilla Fusion Cake

    This Valentine’s choco-vanilla fusion cake is the right “way to do” the magic into the celebration of love. This cake is rich with chocolate and vanilla flavor, ready to take your partner on a sweet ride.

Order Cake For Valentine's Day to Sweeten Your Celebration

Mark Valentine's Day 2024 with endless merriment and lots of love, adding our cakes as a star factor to your surprise plan. This year, forget the old ways to rule your dear one’s heart and bring our Valentine's Day cakes baked with fresh quality ingredients by professional bakers. Valentine’s Day is a big celebration of the love of the year. So, it needs to be celebrated lavishly. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our whole new array of Valentine's cakes online, where you are always welcomed with so many flavors that will make you buy them instantly for the person you love from the bottom of your heart. When a consumer is served with a variety on a plate, then it enhances the shopping experience. Right? We believe this fact and, therefore, offer the cake in several flavors to help you choose your favorite one. Now you can easily order cake online of the flavor that can please your soul instantly.

Special Heart Cake For Valentine’s Day to Send Love

Have you ever imagined why heart-shaped Valentine's Day special cakes are considered the ideal pick to show your divine love? With every cake, you can celebrate your love easily, but a heart-shaped cake expresses that your words fail. A beautiful heart-shaped cake with a great taste, rich with lip-smacking flavor & a lovely message on top, turn this delight into the most special medium to evoke your right emotions. A beautiful Valentine’s Day cake is a delight that never fails to add magic to your celebration. So, you must buy heart-shaped Valentine's Day cakes whose appearance is enough to mesmerize anyone on your list. Send heart-shaped Valentine's cakes and express your innermost feelings for them in the most enduring way. Along with Valentine's Day cakes, you can also order Valentine's Day flowers and Valentine’s Day gifts to double the charm of your day.

Valentine’s Day Cakes at Great Discounts - Winni

The cherry on the cake is when your favorite cake is available at the best price. Finding the cake at a low price is not an easy task as there is always a risk factor related to the taste and quality of the cake. Though Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love, it becomes a problem if you have a tight budget. Remember, love is not measured in rupees. On every festive occasion, we announce great offers and discounts on our different offerings. For Valentine’s Day, we are all set to meet everyone’s gifting needs bringing their favorite flavors of cake at the most attractive price. Whether you are choosing a heart-shaped red velvet cake or double-layer Valentine's chocolate cake, gem cake or black forest cake, couple fondant cake, or a combo of Valentine's Day cake and flowers, you can avail of great discounts on your chosen cake.

Send Valentine's Day Cakes Online with Multiple Delivery Options

This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner countless memories that can last for a lifetime. We all very well know that nothing can beat the joy of receiving the surprises at the doorstep. This one such surprise adores the juncture with great love, and when it is accompanied by our special Valentine's cakes then the happiness doubles. We care for every happy moment of Valentine’s Day and, therefore, offer you a line of delivery options so that you can impress anyone on your list, sending sweet surprises to their doorstep. Check out the below-listed delivery options and get your Valentine's special cake at your desired place with ease.

  • Fixed Time Delivery

    For all pre-planners, choose your special time and we will ring the bell exactly when you want.
  • Same-Day Delivery

    Did you miss out on placing an order before? Go for same-day delivery and taste the ultra-luxury within 24 hours.
  • Midnight Delivery

    Surprise your partner with Valentine’s Day cake and flowers exactly when the clock strikes 12. It’s officially a new start to the day!
  • Earliest 2 Hours Delivery

    Thought of a last-minute surprise? Our earliest 2-hour delivery will take care to look like you never missed the chance to plan.
  • Express Delivery

    Get your cake for Valentine’s Day as early as possible. Meanwhile, show your love and shower them with Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine Day Gifts by Type

Valentine Rose |Valentine Gifts | Valentine Flowers |Personalized Valentine Gifts | Valentine day chocolates | Valentine day plants| Valentine Day Gift Hampers| Valentinejewellery

Valentine's Day Gifts by Recipients

Valentines Day Gifts For Husband | Valentine Day Gifts for Wife | Valentines Day Gifts For Boyfriend | Valentine Day Gifts For Girlfriend| Valentine Gift forfiance

Valentine Day Cakes - Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy valentine day cakes?

Winni is the right place to buy Valentine day cake as here you will find a wide range of cakes in different flavors, designs and types as well as a number of delivery options to make the convenient Valentine day cake delivery at your desired place.

What is the best cake for valentines day?

Black Forest cake, Rainbow cake, Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Truffle cake, Strawberry cake, Gem cake, Vanilla Fusion cake are one of the most-picked Valentine day cakes, appreciated by consumers a lot.

How to order designer valentine cake?

You can order designer Valentine day cake from one & only Winni in a few minutes. Add the desired cake to your cart picking the best from our range, choose the delivery option, make the payment and your order for designer cake will be easily placed . Isn’t it simple with us?

How to get customized valentine cake for valentine`s day?

You can buy customized cake for Valentine’s Day from us. We provide the ease of cake customization with your desired image or text. Just email us the message or image that has to be printed on the product at Mention the ORDER ID provided in order confirmation mail to raise the customization request and leave the rest on us.

How to buy most romantic valentine cake?

Winni is the right platform to buy the most romantic Valentine day cake ie, heart-shaped Red Velvet cake, which is considered as the perfect emblem of love. Explore our Valentine day cake section and get the right cake to amuse your lover.

How to get midnight cake delivery on valentine's day?

Midnight surprises are always super-cool. This year, Winni is all set to meet all your expectations for midnight cake delivery on Valentine’s Day. From 24*7 customer support to timely delivery, professional team of delivery experts to fresh cakes, we are ready to serve you with the best.

Valentines Cakes | Same Day Delivery within 30 minutes - Winni (2024)


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