Warm Roasted Carrot and Barley Salad Recipe (2024)



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Caroline Robertson

Ras El Hanout is a Middle Eastern spice blend. If you can't obtain it, take some cumin seeds, dry fry & crush them. You'll also need a little heat; chilli flakes/powder would do, plus a little turmeric. Some R-E-H blends have rose petals in them - and I prefer those - but it's not essential. It's worth investing in a jar as it's superb rubbed onto lamb for barbecuing. Just rub the lamb with a little olive oil and then liberally sprinkle the R-E-H on. Leave to marinade before cooking.

Caroline Robertson

No Garam Masala is completely different. Ras El Hanout has a very Middle Eastern flavour. If you have any cumin seeds, dry fry them and crush them. You'll also need a bit of heat (not too much) but chilli flakes/powder would do, plus a little turmeric. Some R-E-H blends have rose petals in them - and I prefer those - but it's not essential.

Sarah in Maine

Loved this! Great use of leftover pearled barley too! I used rainbow carrots, which looked very spring-like next to the arugula and parsley.

Linda Christian-Herot

We thought this was a delicious combination of ingredients and luckily we were able to get the ras el ha out at a local market. With the nuts and the barley it made for a substantial vegetarian meal after an afternoon of gardening. The tahini dressing required a bit more water than called for but the amount of salt in the recipe was just right.


This was delicious! I made my own ras el hanout due to a nightshade allergy in my home - easy to find a recipe for it on the web. Salad holds up well for a few days in the fridge.

The Witch’s kitchen

I loved this bright spring salad! I forgot the almonds, added fennel, onions and whole cloves of garlic (roasted with the carrots), and sprinkled it with dried tart cherries. I also subbed out the parsley for fresh mint and scallions, and modified the dressing slightly.


Good as written, but even better if you sub freekeh for the barley, and garnish with a handful of chickpeas fried till crispy in a little olive oil, then tossed with sea salt and zatar. Gild that lily.


Delightful! I had to use some substitutions (brown rice instead of barley and pistachios instead of almonds) and it was super tasty! I cooked the carrots about 25 minutes total because I like some burnt crispy bits. I also added another healthy squeeze of lemon directly on the arugula and barley. Next time I'll slice up a shallot and roast it along with the carrots for some more depth. Wonderful meatless monday meal!


This is so delicious. I added roasted radishes with the carrots, and did brown rice and on a bed of spinach. I also topped it with a piece of salmon. YUM. A great recipe base that you can make your own with whatever spice or flavor/ingredient tweaks that you like. I previously omitted the honey as I don't love sweet stuff, but decided to try just a little drizzle tonight and with the lemon, it was so good.


Try roasting fennel with the carrots


I made a half recipe as there are only two of us. Definitely make or buy the ras el hanout, as carrots and barley are pretty bland on their own. Ditto for all the carrot seasonings. Presentation wise, the dish is best on the first day. Taste wise, the leftovers are still yummy.


Delicious! Next time I'd add a little pickled something or some feta cheese—just a bit more salty briny would go a long way.


I absolutely love this dish and will be making it again! I substituted roasted pecans for the almonds - it worked beautifully. Only minor thing that caught me off guard - our tahini dressing was a thick paste, so it didn't "drizzle." I added some water to it and it was fine, wondering if it's because our tahini was not fresh or perhaps it depends on the brand you use? We used Trader Joe's

Mary K

Made this per the recipe except used instant barley. With the number of salads and other Christmas dinner choices, this was the favorite. Conventional wisdom says not to try new dishes when hosting company. I think it is one of the best times especially with more people than my husband and I to try a unique dish. This was a hit I'll definitely be making again.


Great salad. Followed the recipe, added a can of chickpeas and small pieces of roasted tofu. It required much more lemon juice though.


Delicious. I added cucumber, quartered and cut into half-inch pieces, for a lovely texture and flavor.


Here's the Ras el hanout mix recipe I've been using for years. All amounts in teaspoons. All spices are ground.2 nutmeg - 2 coriander - 2 cumin - 2 ginger - 2 turmeric - 2 salt - 2 cinnamon - 1.5 sugar - 1.5 paprika - 1.5 black pepper - 1 cayenne pepper - 1 cardamom powder - 1 allspice - ½ clovesMix and store in a jar in your spice cabinet.

Kathy, Your Concierge

How do we think that this would be with Quinoa so that it's GF?


We think it would be very good!


Any reason the barley must be pearled? I prefer whole grains whenever possible, even if they take a bit longer to cook.

Lisa B

I didn’t have Ras El Hanout so used some Rose Harissa and cumin- worked well.


Used chicken stock for the barley. Added rotisserie chicken shreds Add arugula judiciously. I would add a touch more honey to the carrots. Delicious!

Ken P

Delicious. I used short grain brown rice instead of barley to make it gluten free, turned out great.


Really good! Made a dressing with yogurt , lemon, tahini and lots of spices.

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Warm Roasted Carrot and Barley Salad Recipe (2024)


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